Auto Industry Digital Advertising Guide

The auto industry is on the brink of the biggest changes in a century. The road we are on right now takes us all somewhere we’ve never been before. This guide gives an overview of the current state, as well as practical advice and big ideas for auto industry leaders who want to use digital advertising formats to drive business.

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We live in accelerated times. The automotive industry has always been in a constant state of change. However, with e-commerce emerging as a viable channel for auto brands, and with the inevitable shift to hybrid and electric vehicles, the coming years require an almost total retooling of business.

We have created a guide to show automotive brands and related businesses how to communicate their offers and values to customers most effectively through digital advertising.




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  • Overcoming biases with Deep Learning technology
  • Top tips for engaging online experiences
  • The future of the auto industry
  • New and used vehicle sales
  • Merging online and offline activities
  • Measuring micro-conversions
  • Performance and brand awareness digital ad campaigns

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Daniel Volož

Olivier Galichere

Karolina Klijer

“We need to add levels of granularity to ad campaigns in the auto industry so that we can better understand customers and measure the importance of each touchpoint along the buying journey. To do this, we can now measure something called micro-convertions.”

“We’re seeing the biggest changes in one hundred years. Major manufacturers have pledged to change the status quo. The end of the dominance of petrol and diesel vehicles is now inevitable and this will be one of the defining moments of our times.”

Country Manager DACH

RTB House

Country Manager France
RTB House

Business Development Director Nordics
RTB House

“As we start emerging from the worst of the pandemic, there are positive signs for the auto industry. Firstly, people still love their cars. A lack of mobility has not turned people off of their vehicles; it has made them value them even more.”

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